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Havelock Stevens is the winner of the prestigious 65th Blake Prize (2018), and the 55th Fisher Ghost Prize (2017). Fusing her sensibilities as a film-maker and a musician, Havelock Stevens’ practice engages with the sublime, the autobiographical and the restlessness of humanity. She creates intimate, immersive, transcendent art experiences in the context of unusual urban, natural and emotional environments, dwelling on loaded sites by inhabiting the location visually and sonically, and tuning into the frequencies and history of place.

Havelock Stevens won the Contemporary Section of the Fisher Ghost Art Prize ‘(2013) and was a finalist in the National Portrait Prize (National Portrait Gallery, Canberra, 2015), the John Fries Award (Sydney, 2017) and Tidal (Devonport Regional Gallery, 2018). She curated for Artbar at the MCA (2018) and has delivered various commissions including ‘Submerge’, MONA FOMA (2013), REWIND ROOM (Performance Space, 2015), the large-scale THUNDERHEAD at Dark Mofo and Performance Space (2016), BETASHOCKERS, Big Anxiety Festival (UNSW & AGNSW, Sydney, 2017) and BEATS OF DARKNESS for the Continue reading