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MOFO 2013 Launch

White Drummer taps into the frequencies and electromagnetic pulses of places and times – appropriately, opposite MONA on Little Frying Pan Island.


2013   White Drummer, MONA Billboard, Republic Tower, Melbourne


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White Drummer Detroit – Tin Sheds Gallery, University of Sydney, March – May 2013



Excerpts from ‘White Drummer Detroit’ – DETROIT post-apocalyptic city series

Packard Plant excerpt HD Video Installation

Transmission – Campbelltown Arts Centre 2012



Let’sGroovyMauriceAlLarry – Sound Design & Live Performance  

Commissioned collaboration with Justene Williams

The rest is silence @ Death Be Kind gallery project, Melbourne 2011



White Drummer DETROIT series – Skull Shop building excerpt HD Video Installation

Appin Labyrinth – Mad Dog Ghost Fart 2012



Site specific Installation in Appin Motel

Born in Appin, bushranger Mad Dog Morgan drifts between liminal drumming spirits, Dennis Hopper and ephemeral ode –arama

Video installation & Spontaneous Composition channelling Mad Dog Morgan

5 hr durational performance

F.a.u.x F.l.u.x F.l.i.g.h.t Oxford Art Factory with Chalk Horse Gallery 2011


Live Durational Spontaneous Composition Performance – 6 hrs   with video installation ‘F.a.u.x F.l.u.x F.l.i.g.h.t’ HD Video.

Collaboration with Rachel Scott


The Retro Future Spective Festival, PS122 NYC 2011


Live spontaneous Composition Performance to video installation

Old School Benefit – Performance Space 122, New York City

Line-up included Philip Glass, Thurston Moore, Amanda Palmer, Reggie Watts..