HABITAT: Ways of living

6 March – 19 June, 2021 Canberra Museum and Gallery (CMAG)

Examining imagery alluding to the built environment, HABITAT: Ways of living features works by artists from Canberra and around Australia.

This exhibition reveals ways of living in a variety of environments – from high-rise, high-end apartments, to suburban subdivisions and locations where inhabitants have endured the collapse of their communities. These contemporary artists reveal how the built environment responds to, and is influenced by circumstance. The exhibition tells individual stories of the resilience and imagination of the human spirit.

The featured artists in HABITAT: Ways of living include: Alex Asch, Burchill/McCamley, Miriam Charlie, Sean Davey, David Flanagan, Michal Glikson, Tina Havelock Stevens, Katie Hayne, Mikhaila Jurkiewicz, Waratah Lahy, Hardy Lohse, Catherine O’Donnell, David Paterson, Alan Patterson, Patrice Riboust, Natalie Rosin, Khaled Sabsabi, James Tylor (Possum).

Drum Detroit series/ Chromogenic Colour Photographs/ Metallic – Tina Havelock Stevens – Documentation CMAG, Dorian Photographics



Tina Havelock Stevens | 9 February – 19 April





Tina Havelock Stevens’ works encourage an experience of the world that is attuned to emotional responses, to the rhythm and movement of structures and environments that we inhabit and traverse. She brings together her energy and drive as a drummer and performer with the inquiry and observation of her experience as a documentary film-maker. Present in her works is an innate aural and visual intuition. They offer the experience of suspended time, gauging the cerebral temperature and tempo of passing moments.

“I love things that travel and soar. I love quiet and loud. Fast and slow. I love minor chords, intuitive surprises and whatever that equivalent is in all of my visual work too. I like that an audience can share an experience but have multiple perspectives.” – Tina Havelock Stevens

• ‘HOLUS BOLUS’, 2020, Gold neon, 152 cm x 20 cm, 1/5 + 2AP. Photos by Bo Wong.

• ‘Ghost Class’, 2015 , HD video with sound, 10:59.

• ‘THUNDERHEAD’, 2016, HD Video with sound by Tina Havelock Stevens and Liberty Kerr, Infinite loop.

• ‘Let’s Groove’, 2017, HD video with sound, 8:50.

• Come Together, Right Now, 2006/2018, Digitised super 8 film with sound, 4:59.


FEB 2020 – APRIL 19, 2020 // THUNDERHEAD; SOLO SHOW at PICA (Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts) for Perth Festival

Havelock Stevens is one of the more exciting contemporary artists working today, with an astute pulse on the collective psyche, but also great humanity that explores collective empathy, shared vulnerabilities and a search for belonging –                                                  

Gina Fairley,  Artshub  2020

 FULL REVIEW HERE Artshub, February 2020



Tina Havelock Stevens is a Sydney based artist who explores the ambiguities of human nature predominantly using cinematic conventions, performance, text and immersive installations. She creates suspended moments that speak of survival and fragility and draws connections between specific environments and personal histories, sociological and emotional spaces. 

Havelock Stevens recently had a major solo show at Carriageworks for Sydney Festival 2021 with her audio-visual installation THANK YOU FOR HOLDING. In 2020 she exhibited in Afterglow Yokohama Triennale, Japan and Hope in the Dark at Gertrude Contemporary, Melbourne. She also had a major solo show of video and neon at Perth Institute of Contemporary Art and was featured in The National 2019: New Australian Art at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney.  Other works include a year long collaboration with the Hills District community in Sydney’s North west creating various visual and sonic elements for her major Museum of Contemporary Art C3 West project “Hasta La Bella Vista Baby’ which culminated in a significant multi – artform event (2019)

Havelock Stevens is the recipient of the prestigious 65th Blake Prize (2018) and the 55th Fisher Ghost Prize (2017).

She curated for Artbar at the Museum of Contemporary Art (2018) and has delivered various commissions including ‘Submerge’, MONA FOMA (2013), REWIND ROOM (Performance Space, 2015) THUNDERHEAD at Dark Mofo and Performance Space (2016), BETASHOCKERS, Big Anxiety Festival (UNSW & AGNSW, Sydney, 2017) and BEATS OF DARKNESS for the Manila Biennale (Philippines, 2018)

Other select exhibitions include Gertrude Contemporary (Melbourne, 2011 & 2015), Fisher Ghost Art Prize (Contemporary Section winner, 2013), Bullet Space (NYC, 2014), MILL 6 CHAT Foundation (Hong Kong, 2016), Alaska Projects (Sydney, 2016), Darren Knight Gallery (Sydney, 2017), Galerie Pom Pom (Sydney, 2017), The Lock Up Gallery (Newcastle, 2018 & 2016), Artspace (Sydney, 2018) and John Fries Art Award finalist (UNSW, 2017) amongst many other installations and performances nationally and internationally.   

Havelock Stevens is on the MCA Artist Advisory Group and is a former resident artist of the Clothing Store, Carriageworks 2019 – 2020.

Her work has been featured on ABC Radio’s Arts and Books shows, ABC TV News Breakfast and in publications such as the Sydney Morning Herald,  RealTime,  Running Dog, Artlink, Art Almanac, Artshub, and in Art Collector ’s Top Fifty Artists (2017 & 2020), as well as feature articles on her art drumming practice in magazines Tom Tom, 2016 (US) and Drumscene, 2018 (AU). Her work is in the collections of Artbank, Campbelltown Arts Centre, Newcastle Art Gallery, and numerous private collections.

She continues to work with collaborators such as choreographer Jo Lloyd (Performance Space 2017 & 2019, Ian Potter Museum 2019, Dark Mofo 2020) composer Cat Hope (Fremantle Biennale 2017, Perth Festival 2019) music and art ensemble Chicks on Speed (Artspace 2013, MCA 2014, Performance Space 2019) and with long-time musical collaborator Liberty Kerr (The Mumps/post rock band, experimental duo performances, THUNDERHEAD, The Rapids)