Alterbeast Performance – Sydney Biennale 2010 Artspace


Spontaneous Composition to Video Installation ‘Poo Zombies’

Alterbeast exists primarily as a core group of three artists: Mikala Dwyer,Carla Cescon and Tina Havelock Stevens who, in collective mode, work together combining sound, video, performance, paintings, sculptures and props to present open-ended ideas.

The idea: there is another kind of mutating beast beyond those we have experienced in horror movies – a beast borne of our own doing, of our anxiety, repressed behaviours and self-denial. The pleasure humans take in horror – so irrational and counter intuitive, offers a passage into a fertile space of hallucination.

Video Stills from ‘Poo Zombies’  – Observational video shot & edited by Tina Havelock Stevens

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