NATURE EXTEMPORIZE is a survey from visual artist, filmmaker and performer/musician Tina Havelock Stevens. With an abiding interest in the ambiguities of human nature and natural forces – and the contradictory relationship between the two – Havelock Stevens acknowledges this in her neon work and immersive audio visual installations.

Havelock Stevens combines her inquisitiveness as an observational filmmaker with the energy and drive of an improvisatory drummer, contemplating the psyche within spaces and channelling the energy and emotion of the sociological and the environmental. These loaded sites, imbued with belief systems, movement, ritual, immediacy, and the autobiographical, extend from the Philippines to the Southwestern United States, and from NYC, to a Surry Hills lounge-room in Sydney. Havelock Stevens draws attention to things that are just there, to feelings and events that we can’t control.

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